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DJC est. 2008


Duffryn Judo Club was established in 2008 by Gareth Morgan under the supervision and guidance of his instructor, Steven Morgan. Gareth was very young when the club started, at just 19. However, with the support of the students, many of whom trained at Maindee as well and the support of his instructor, Gareth developed his own approach to teaching.  

Maindee Judo club formed in 1998 and throughout the years, we have been part of a variety of governing bodies but perhaps the longest, with NAKMAS. Duffryn has followed in line with Maindee as it's sister club with Steven Morgan as the club's chief instructor. However, in 2014, Gareth liked the current development of the WJA and the direction it was moving and thus, made contact to form a relationship with the WJA. 

Duffryn Judo club has grown steadily over the years and has seen many students through the doors. In 2014, students from Maindee and Duffryn Judo Club's entered their first big stage competition, the welsh open in Cardiff. It was a brand new experience for many of the Judoka and they conducted themselves magnificently. It was really then, that the relationships between the clubs and the WJA really started to form. 

In 2015, the clubs saw it's first student achieve their black belt with the WJA through the competitive route. Ross Stevens attended the grading and won 2 of his first 3 fights. This allowed him to have a line out against 3 other Judoka, all of whom were experienced fighters. Ross developed his Judo with Maindee and Duffryn and their approach is more traditional and theory based, however, fighting is also practiced. Ross was able to draw on all his training and experience to date, he won his line out and achieved his 1st Dan with the WJA on that day. Since then Ross has become a level 1 coach and is looking to compete for his 2nd Dan and he aims to become a level 2 coach as well.

DJC continues to move forward and progress. We have had success with a particular student, Kai Evans, who has competed internationally with the Welsh squad and regularly takes part in local and national competitions. He has already started to help out younger Judoka with the steps into competition.  

We are very proud of him! 

In 2018 Gareth entered the Welsh Closed in Tenby and achieved a gold medal, becoming Welsh Champion. Through this, Gareth has continued to develop relations with other coaches in the WJA all in order to better develop himself and his students. 

In 2019 DJC saw another student take part in the level 1 coaching qualification. This continuing growth develops the the provision that DJC are able to provide even further.

In 2019, Gareth had the opportunity to share the mat with the legendary Toshihiko Koga. Gareth took part in a training session at the International Pacific University in Okayama. The session was conducted by Yano-Sensei and Koga-Sensei. It was quite a surreal moment sharing the mat with such a legend of Judo. Gareth has also attended masterclasses conducted by Neil Adams, Brian Jacks and Angelo Parisi. 

Duffryn Judo club is a family orientated club with ambition to develop one's training to the best of their ability. We are very technical based and we are always looking to improve. But above all, it is of the utmost importance that those training in judo, enjoy themselves. Whatever their goal.

See you on the mat!

Duffryn Judo Club

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